Sundays of Great Lent


“Kidist -ቅድስት”  The Second week of Lent: “Kidist=ቅድስት”. Kidist means holy. It tells the holiness of Sunday. Misbak of the Day But the Lord made the Heavens, Honor and Majesty are before Him, Holiness and Strength are in His sanctuary. Psalm. 96:5-6 The second Sunday of the Great lent is Called KIDIST to mean HOLY . This is

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“Mikurab = ምኩራብ”. Welcome to the third Sunday of the Lent, MIKURAB (literally -TEMPLE)”.It is named so because the day is meant to serve as a remembrance of the Lord’s teachings and acts in the temple. Thus, scriptures read and/or sung as of the eve of the day have to do with this. The name is

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Great Lent: The Holy Fast. The FIRST WEEK/“Zewerede=ዘወረደ” (“Zewerede” means the one who descended from above)/ Museni/ Fast of King Heraclius”) Great Lent is considered as the Holiest fast since our Lord Jesus Christ Himself had fasted it. Our Lord’s call to the apostles “to follow Me” was intended to mean [including ourselves] “to take

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