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Explore the profound significance of Mary in Tewahedo Orthodox tradition. Discover the spiritual depth and reverence for Mary as an integral figure in our faith, her role, and the teachings surrounding her esteemed place within the Tewahedo Orthodox Church.
The Great Lent
ዘወረደ (Zewerede) | He who comes down
The Great Lent
ቅድስት (Kedest) | Holy
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The Great Lent
ሙክራብ (Mekurab) | Temple
The Great Lent
መጻጉዕ (Metsagu) | Infirmity
The Great Lent
ደብረ ዘይቲ (Debre Zeit) | Mount of Olives
The Great Lent
ገብር ኄር (Gebrehere) | Faithful Servant
The Great Lent
ኒቆዲሞስ (Nicodemus) | Nicodemus

Youth Issues from a Church Perspective

various challenges faced by young individuals today, exploring them through the lens of religious beliefs and teachings. It discusses prevalent issues like mental health, relationships, identity, and societal pressures, providing insights and guidance based on Christian principles. The page aims to offer a compassionate understanding of these concerns while offering support and spiritual perspectives to navigate them in a positive and meaningful way within the context of faith and community.

Church Fathers

Explore the profound wisdom and teachings of the Church Fathers within the Tewahedo Orthodox tradition. Delve into the rich heritage, spiritual insights, and theological foundations passed down through generations. Discover a treasury of ancient wisdom and timeless guidance, nurturing a deeper understanding of faith and spirituality.


Chastity in the Tewahedo Orthodox Church embodies a sacred commitment to purity and spiritual integrity. Rooted in the teachings of the faith, it emphasizes abstinence, self-discipline, and the reverence for one’s body as a temple of God. It serves as a guiding principle fostering moral conduct, honoring relationships, and nurturing a deeper connection with God, encouraging individuals to live virtuously and with honor in all aspects of life.