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Article Writing Strategies

11 Useful Writing Strategies for Aspiring Writers. The writing process presents different challenges for different types of writers. Whether you’re a student trying to start a high school research paper or a novelist focused on finishing a story, consider these tips for writing to get the ball rolling.

  • Several strategies can be used to accomplish this including graphic organizers, cooperative learning, read-aloud, and group discussions. Graphic organizers can be used as visual tools for students to write or draw what they already know about a subject, for example in the genre of informational or persuasive writing.

  • Since retiring, my attention has turned from teaching writing to students to supporting adults who wish to improve their writing skills. Short articles answer specific questions about writing.

  • If you want to improve your written communication skills, consider these strategies to help you write clear and engaging material: Read Target your audience Use an outline Open strong Answer the 5 Ws & H Be simple and direct Choose strong verbs Limit your adjectives and adverbs Understand the three appeals Consider using literary devices

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