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In the Eritrean culture, dancing is an integral part of wedding celebrations. Is dancing in wedding

The Holy Bible teaches us, "We ought to obey God rather than men" (Acts 5:29). It amazes me how after attending the beautiful Crowning Ceremony, witnessing the Holy Spirit come upon the couple to unite them to become one flesh and participating in all the prayers to the Lord to bless the couple, Christians turn around and forget all about God; and as soon as they are out of church, they start dancing disrespecting God and themselves.

Everyone needs to answer the question, 'What would Jesus do if He were at this wedding? Would He dance or even attend a reception where there is this dancing?' Another question 'If our Lord Jesus Christ is physically present at this reception, would the guests dare dance in His presence?'  

Our Lord is Omnipresent, let us remember His presence among us at all times and behave accordingly; putting His will first before the will of man.

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