How can we do God's will, when we make a decision?

The will of God is good, acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

Have you ever wondered how we make decisions ? How do we make good decisions?   What does God really want from us? Does God care about every little choice you and I   make? In any decision we have a choice of who we will honor and worship. Will we worship God or will we worship ourselves? You might say, everything isn’t about God/or Church. It might be and God still cares about everything what is going on in our heart. He desires to be the highest priority in every parts of our lives. From the very beginning  of human creation, the will of God is good, acceptable and perfect as St. Paul expressed in his epistle to Romans.  God's intention was to make Adam and Eve to live forever that he even created them in His image. For human to be perfect and acceptable in the eyes of God, he was supposed to do one thing, "Following the Commandment- you shall not eat?" (Genesis 2:17) Even now, God only expects us to do his commandment if we really love him. Therefore, the will of God for all of us is perfect, it lacks nothing, and it is good for us in satisfying our spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional needs. God knows the future and therefore He knows what will be good for you and I in the long term.  On the contrary our own will is not perfect. If I try to do any thing in my way, I may probably end up looking the short term benefit without considering the long term consequence. Therefore, we all need the WILL OF GOD IN WHAT EVER WE DO to prevail any challenges. In some aspects of life it is clear that there are right decisions and wrong decisions. Other times, the choice may be some of gray area - something that is not necessary right or wrong. These are an opportunity to exercise wisdom/ Discernment. But how? Discernment is the ability to judge a situation accurately to see the full reality of the situation, relationship, experience, or circumstance. It is the capacity  to understand accurately and clearly what it is, to see the truth of things as they are from God’s viewpoint. Discernment for the believer is seeing and understanding as God sees and Understand. “ And they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and the unholy, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean. Ez 44:23” Four aspect of Discernment

Between Good and Bad- To know what is right and wrong. There are occasions , however, when the evil can cloak itself in what appears to be good. We need to able to discern the motive and heart of a servant who is in church leadership.

Between what is real and what is illusion - We need to