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Filseta: Challenge

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit One God Amen.

In Tewahdo Orthodox Church Holy Tradition, every feast is preceded by fasting and prayer. Fasting plays an important role as a moral and spiritual discipline. The fast that leads to the feast of the Assumption of St. Mary is the most highly honored fast/feast among all the fast/feast of the saints. It ranks second only to the fast/feast of the Lord. Fasting is an offering, a voluntary refraining from that which one is allowed, springs from the love and respect which one feels for God. But why do we fast - according to the Fetha Negest/authoritative collection of canon law and civil law of the Church/ fasting is

To show our obedience, love and trust in God [Gen 2]
To attain forgiveness of sins [Exodus 34:28; John 3:5-10].
To get reward/ blessing Angels, Saints. [Mat 10]

How do we benefit from this Fast-

We are fasting to receive the forgiveness of sin through intercession, blessing and prayer of St. Mary
We are fasting to see St. Mary Miracle in our life as the disciples saw her after fasting twice for 16 days;.
For God to grant us our wish that is consistent with His will through the intercession of St. Mary


To fast from meat, diary and all animal product for the coming 2 weeks [from 08/06-22/2019. Even if you see this message pass 08/06 - start the challenge right away.

Pray at least three times Abune Zebesemayat - Our Father In Heaven and be-selam Qidus Gabriel Melak – In the Peace of the Arch Angel Gabriel at any convenient time
Pray at least once the whole prayer preferably early in the morning [before you go to bed] -- link below --
Remember to pray for the Peace of OUR CHURCH, and for God to raise a true shepherd that gather all of us and especially focused on those who grew up in diaspora.
Pray for others daily - family, friends, for your priest
whenever you are tempted say, Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner X 12 followed by Through the intercession of St Mary, Lord have mercy X 12.
Pray Widasie Maryam: Praises of St Mary”
Finish the Gospel of John
[not a mandatory, but please pray for TYOM online class to be successful]

O Virgin, you are the ideal and the prophecy of the prophets, the favour of the apostles, the mother of martyrs; the sister of angels ; the boast of the young men and virgins and the monks who are watchful day and night at your gates.

God Bless


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