Blessed fast of St. Mary -- Day one. [Weddassie Mariam and St. Ephream

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit One God Amen

“Salutation onto Mary, the queen, the vine, uncultivated and pure, on which thou shalt find blessed fruit. The Son of God indeed become from her, and she has given birth to Him who saves and pardon us all our sins. Because the Son has come down and taken upon Himself her human nature she has found grace, and all speak highly of her great honor.”

Weddassie Maryam

is the praise of St. Mary arranged into seven parts for seven days of the week
Weddassie Maryam is recited both in private and communal worship. It is usually learned by heart.
During the fast of St Mary that leads to the assumption of St. Mary, every day, there is recitation of the daily St. Mary prayer with its commentary
Generally it speaks about the holy will of God to save humanity and God’s favor toward the virgin Mary in choosing her to be the principal instrument of His work for salvation.
It's main focus is on both the mystery of Incarnation and the one favored by God, St. Mary.