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Church, dress, modest and makeup.  

What comes into your mind when someone mentions modesty? Do you have pictures of grandma and nuns running through your head? Probably no!! In an era where the media is saturated in images of girls in crop tops and  barely there pants where one could easily mistaken the short skirt for a wide belt, less and less is being left to the imagination, and our generation is being coerced into accepting immodesty as the new definition of womanhood and beauty.

So what is Modesty? Modesty isn’t solely concerned with, “how much skin do i have to cover.”  Modesty is the proper attitude of a lady who knows the value of her outside and inside mystery . It is about taking the natural beauty of womanhood, and adorning it in a way that adequately reflect her true identity.

Why Modesty?  

Modesty send a message of how she want to be treated. Guys will gawk at a women who dress provocatively, but in your heart do you want to be gawked at or to be loved? when a girl wears outfits that could not be any tighter without cutting off her circulation or very short, she is telling boys, “the greatest about me is my body.” They will stare and probably agree too. Because of the beauty of the women can be intoxicating to a man, and may find it difficult to see beyond it. Modesty does him the favor of concealing what he is not yet worthy to see. Ladies dress modestly not because they are ashamed of their bodies. But because they know the great beauty that they carry within themselves… a girl dress modestly because she know that she is worth so much more than the shallow attention she will get for doing otherwise. You are so beautiful and so worth every bit of real love that this world has to give. Don’t settle for a lesser love. Don’t settle for the weak, lustful reactions that come with dressing immodestly. When the woman veils her body with modest clothing, she is not hiding herself from men. On the contrary, she’s revealing her dignity to them. As a result, the man is free to take her seriously as a woman.

Some women may argue, “Guys should respect me no matter how I dress. Besides, I don’t pick my outfits to impress guys. I choose my clothes because they look good on me.” True. When a girl puts on a belly-button-showing, spaghetti-strap shirt, she is not thinking about leading men to sin or not trying to make them lust. She’s probably thinking, “That’s a cute top, and it will look perfect with my shoes.” While it is not a female’s sole responsibility to make sure men do not think impure thoughts, nor does it mean that men lacks a conscience or that they are any less responsible for living upright lives. The question shouldn’t be, “how much skin can I show without getting into trouble?”…it should be, “by wearing this, what am I trying to achieve or convey?” or while I may be completely comfortable wearing this, will it lead other minds to wander and sin?” With this great gift of feminine beauty comes a corresponding responsibility for how it is used. Many young women are aware of that they have the power to seduce a man, but few girls are aware that their femininity also has a power to educate onlooker. A woman who is honest will wear clothing that reflects her intentions. The way a girl dress has an extraordinary ability to help shape a man into a gentleman or a beast. As a follower of Christ, you have a responsibility to dress in a chaste way, thus helping men to maintain the purity of their minds and hearts. Therefore a  young woman dress for her sake in a way to remind and reveal her total beauty as a person and also for man’s sake, remember when Cain killed Abel back in Genesis? When God asked Cain where his brother was, Cain replied, “Am i my brother’s keeper?” in the same way, it is easy for ladies to shrug off the responsibility they have to help men in maintaining purity as St. Paul taught us, live in a way that doesn’t  cause our brother to stumble.” [Rom. 14:21]


Is it okay to wear a bikini?

Origin of Bikini-  Its inventor was a Frenchman named Louis Reard, who worked for his mom’s lingerie business. When he created the first two-piece bathing suit in 1946, he had to hire a stripper to debut the outfit, because no model was willing to wear it on the runway! After all, what kind of woman would wear her underwear in public, just because it became waterproof?

*Use this rule of thumb when you’re trying on clothes: If your heart is asking, “Is this too short?” or “Is this look too tight?” listen to it. It has already answered your question. Without a word, your modesty invites men to realize that women have more to offer than just their bodies. The woman who understands her worth resists such an invitation and replies, “Because of my value, I veil myself. My body was not given to me for the sake of exposing it to you. If I show too much, I wouldn’t be revealing my true worth to you. I’d be distracting you from what matters most.”

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