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Prepare a Great Kids Lesson for Sunday School

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Teaching Sunday School for kids is incredibly rewarding…but it can also be very frustrating. We all want our Sunday School lessons to be great, but there are a lot of challenges that stack up against us. Busy schedules make it hard to find enough study time. It’s tough teaching kids who have grown up with screens everywhere. And most of us don’t have any formal training with teaching or preparing a lesson. At TYOM, we love creating amazing resources that build confident teachers and inspire Kids! In every Sunday School lesson, you’ll find: Easy to understand curriculum that will help you teach the Bible. bring your Bible stories to life with pictures. Interactive Q&A slideshows that will spark classroom discussion. Fun lesson-related games and activities that allow creativity to flourish. Big Idea, Memory Verse, and Closing Prayer slides that help your kids take the lesson home. LOVE MAKING A DIFFERENCE? SO DO WE. We came together to help churches thrive with great teaching solutions. So join us in this challenge and lets pursue new and improved ways to teach kids and the youth. once you are done creating the lessons please upload it in under the Sunday school resources.

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