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30-Day Bible Reading Challenge!

  • 30Days
  • 65Steps


We’re glad you’ve joined us for the 30-Day Bible Reading Challenge. Through this challenge you’ll foster an important habit—spending time in God’s Word every day. Developing this habit won’t always be easy, but it will be something you’ll never regret. Over the next thirty days, we’ll go through the book of Acts together. As you learn about the history of the early Church and God’s plan for the Church overall, you’ll also discover an individual call for each of us to be faithful to the Lord and share the gospel with others. You’ll receive a daily email for thirty days with a Scripture verse, a short devotional, reflection questions, and a tool to help you study the Scripture for yourself. As you read verse by verse and chapter by chapter, we hope you’ll sense God speaking to your heart. He may give you some marching instructions for the day, awaken you to a truth you’ve never seen before, or show you an area of your heart or mind He wants to transform. Join this challenge to get a 30-day checks at the end of each day.

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