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Can you be good without GOD/religion 

Can we moral/ Good without GOD? or  religion? Does that disprove God’s existence?

Can we moral/ Good without GOD? or  religion? Does that disprove God’s existence?

Yes- i could give you two strong argument. However, you need to get to the bottom of this article to get the whole point

scriptural- St Paul in Romans 1 clearly said people who have no God in their life or don’t know about God will have moral law by reason and conscious. Even prophet Amos in chapter 1-3 from Old-Testament held non-believers responsible  for rapes, torture and theft for going against reason by doing crime against humanity. Therefore people can live morally good just by reason and conscious .

observation- we have seen people who do not know God or deny His existence to practice a very true and high morality. E.g Socrates and many of our Atheist friend.


Based on the two above principle we could argue that a person can be moral without GOD/religion. However there are some things we have to consider before we come to this conclusion.  Let’s take it step by step.  


1. We could put a strong argument like the above one to say a person doesn’t need a God/religion to be moral. However the above argument doesn’t  disprove the existence of God or  the grace of God even for those who deny His existence. when the morally good person practice morality more than the christian, he is not succeeding in being good without God, it is God’s grace that is helping him/ her to be good whether he recognizes it or not/ he gives thank for it or not.  God is the source of all goodness. Moral goodness is like a light, and God is like a sun. You can see sunlight without seeing the sun, just as an atheist can know moral goodness without knowing God. God made the moral laws and inscribed them in human nature and human knowledge. This is why even a non believer reasonably or consciously be offended by crimes against rape/ killing or torture.  His laws are in everyone and are absolute (meaning it doesn’t change based on your location, race or religion). For example, You shall not kill is basic law that every reasonable person would agree. why? because it is a divine Law. Therefore, we could say clearly that everyone knows the moral law clearly and adequately, but not everyone knows the law giver. It is our responsibility to bring those people to this knowledge.


2. Can you be good without religion? yes, but not good enough?

Our Christian religion begins with morality but it goes far beyond it. Our knowledge of God’s moral requirements and of our own morality is the first step, but it is not the whole or end. Confirming our will and life to God’s will or uniting our will with God’s will is the basic essence of christian morality and of christian religion.   Jesus Christ didn’t come to preach morality (the prophets had already done that) but to save and die for us and show us how to live the morality. Religion is a lived relationship with God that help us to carry out the morality as it is. Morality is abstract (idea), religion is concrete. Morality gives you Christ-like, religion gives you Christ. It is through religion that we show our belief in GOD- like having hope, forgiving those who do harm us or loving our enemies.  Our life is like a flower, morality is like a stem, and religion (belief in GOD) is like a root. The flower grows from the stem and the stem grows only from the root. If the root dies, so do the stem and the flower. So can you be good without God/religion? yes, but not good enough yet.

Source- Making Choices- practical wisdom for everyday moral decisions by Peter Kreeft.

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